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As pet parents, you got to be attentive to signs of orthopaedic problems. Watch out for limping, difficulty in standing up or lying down, reluctance to jump or play, and changes in gait. Unusual vocalizations, reluctance to be touched, and a decrease in activity levels are also potential indicators of orthopaedic discomfort.

When orthopaedic issues arise, early diagnosis is crucial. Regular veterinary check-ups and consulting with an orthopaedic specialist are recommended, especially for breeds prone to certain conditions. Treatment options can include medication, physical therapy, and, if necessary, advanced surgical procedures to improve your pet's quality of life.

Preventing orthopaedic issues starts with maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Providing balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and maintaining an appropriate body weight are essential factors. Additionally, using pet-safe ramps or stairs to access elevated areas can reduce stress on joints.

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