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A to Z Animal Clinic provides safe and effective pet dental care. Each pet is carefully screened prior to anesthesia, and constantly monitored during and after each procedure for safety. We evaluate your pet's teeth and gums, then scale and clean the teeth, smoothing them to slow future plaque accumulation. If necessary, we can also extract damaged teeth and perform other necessary oral surgery procedures.

After your pet's dental appointment at our clinic, we will show you how to start a daily dental hygiene regimen with him or her.

It is important to wait until after your pet's dental check up to start this regimen so that we can advise you on your pet's particular dental condition.

With persistence and an abundance of praise, your pet can be trained to accept daily teeth brushing. Start by training your pet to let you put your fingers in her mouth. Dip your finger in some broth and then rub the gums with it for the first few days. Eventually, you can add some pet toothpaste (not human toothpaste) and an especially-designed pet toothbrush. We can also recommend dental treats and water-bowl additives if necessary.

Even if you have always brushed your pet's teeth, he or she still needs a yearly dental checkup. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

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